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Need funding for your project ?

Need to change your car or home ?

Need a loan for school?

Willing to have the money to work in your home ?

Need a loan for a trip or a sponsorship ?

Do not look any further.

You are a resident of France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Estonia, Romania, Hungary, Canada, the Maghreb, India and all over the world...

A team of experts in economic issues offers you a loan between particular serious and fast from 5,000€ to 5,000,000€ to all persons able to repay it with interest at the rate of interest is 3% the year depending on the amount requested.

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Here are the areas in which we can help you :

  • Health loan
  • Loan for Investment
  • Car loan
  • School loan
  • Personal loan

  • Real Estate Credit
  • Travel Credit
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Redemption of Credit
  • You are stuck with banks ?



A dynamic team of experts works full time to the study of your loan application.

You will get a return in a short period of time in order to guide the feasibility of the execution of your upcoming and therefore of the loan application.

The loan is a loan of 5,000 € to 5,000,000 € to finance freely in your projects while keeping control of your budget.

You determine everything from signature of the contract : the amount, duration, monthly payments, and the date of sampling.