Conditions to meet to obtain a credit in Devinck WC Finances

* Be aged at least 18 years of age.
* Be of good moral character left to honor a commitment.
* Having a source of minimum monthly income of 500€.
* A loan granted is not repaid within the time limits of the contract leads to prosecution, accompanied by the publication of your identity card on all the channels that are displayed on our agency. The period of transfer is 48 hours at the most.

Documents to be provided

* Parts of identities that are scanned double-sided.
* Copy of a bank identity statement (RIB) or post office (RIP).
* Latest electricity bill or any other equivalent document that can substantiate your address.
* Last salary slip or any other document that can support your monthly income.

Interest rate

TEG annual varying from 2% to 6% depending on the amount requested and the duration of repayment, no application fees.

Duration of the loan

The term of your loan may not exceed 30 years.

The beginning of the monthly deductions

They start from 60 (2 months) and 90 (3 months) days from the day the borrower receives the full amount of the loan.

Break in the reimbursement or deferral of monthly payments

To investigate the possibility of deferring a due date, you can contact us by phone or from the contact form available on our web site. The deferral earns interest at the rate then in force, the premium for the credit guarantee will be calculated if the insurance has been taken out. You can request the deferral of one or two deadlines per year and thus enjoy a "break" return. You must make the request 7 days before the next due date. This break payment you will be granted provided that at the time of your request for deferral, your revolving credit does not have unpaid or late payment, is not supported by the insurance and that you have not received a deferral during the previous 2 months.


You have purchased a revolving credit or a personal loan, you can at any time and without additional costs to refund all or part of the sum that it remains you to duty. Whether you are interim, with a contract of professionalization, learning, or even a fixed-term contract we can help you.

Loan agreement and insurance

The borrower will have to sign a loan agreement and a certificate of credit insurance. The insurance covers you in the event of death, total and irreversible loss for autonomy, incapacity for work by disease or accident (n°0081 FACL), and loss of employment due to redundancy compensation.