For many years , The team WC Finances puts at your service its know-how in selling solutions credits at a distance.

Personal loan, revolving credit, acquisition credit, and other services are available today to best meet your needs.

More than 700 advisors, based in France and in the world, put their professionalism and enthusiasm at your service. Experience of a client relationship privileged by placing them in your project.


With WC Finances, you make your credit application online in a few clicks !

Step n°1/ A using the form of online credit available to you, you choose : The amount of your credit based on your project and your repayment capacity.

Step n°2/ WC Finances offers you the product most suited to your situation and your need. You then select the amount of your monthly payment and if you wish to subscribe to the optional insurance.

Step n°3/ You make your application by filling the online form and get an answer of principle.

Step n°4/ You directly print your contract documents or you choose to receive them by mail.

Step n°5/ You complete, date and sign your contract documents to you and you return with the documentation requested.

Step n°6/ WC Finances conducts a thorough study of your case.

If your request is agreed, you will get the funds within 72 hours.

And at any time, you stay informed by email of the progress of your application.

Our Team is committed to you

* A follow-up,

* A personalised study of your application,

* Interactive tools to accompany you in everyday life.

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A tailor-made support by our 700 advisers near you.